Cute Neon Lamps

Thinking that your room looks too dull? Or are you looking for that aesthetical view that is bound to fetch compliments on your decor? Well, it’s time to revamp and upgrade your room with a whole new look that is both trendy and futuristic!

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Voice Activated LED Mask mask will flash and glow when you speak. Show what's happening within the mask using LED light technology :). 

Have fun at your family gathering, at work, or just add some excitement to your daily routine!

Why Melius Blue Light Glasses?

Symptoms like Eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption come from overexposure to Blue Light.

The Anti-Reflecting coat eliminates glare, which is unnecessary feedback entering into our eyes. This can cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurry vision.

Benefits of using Melius Blue Light :

Look cool wherever you go, Improve your sleep, Reduce Eye Strain.

Enhance your wellbeing, Super Comfortable, Practically weightless