Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

More than ever before we're spending our time staring at a computer screen, phone or other digital devices these days. And this is why we hear a lot of people complaining about eye strain, headaches and having a bad sleep at night.

A way to help your eyes? Use Blue Light Glasses.

Recent research sponsored by The Vision Council has shown that 59 percent of people who routinely use computers and digital devices experience symptoms of digital eye strain (also called computer eye strain or computer vision syndrome).

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome include: eye fatigue and discomfort, dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, eye twitching and red eyes.

Here are some Lifestyle and home remedies.

Adjust the Screen Lighting

Keeping your room softly lit, may make it easier for your eyes when you're watching TV. 

When you're reading printed materials, try to position the light source behind you and direct the light onto your page. If you're reading at a desk, use a shaded light positioned in front of you. The shade will keep light from shining directly into your eyes.

Take Breaks

When doing close work, take occasional breaks and rest your eyes by looking away from the digital screen. Some short breaks will help not just your eyes but your mind too, as it will help you be more productive.

Limit your Screen Time

Reduce your screen time, simple as that! This is especially important for children, who may not make the connection between extended viewing, eyestrain and the need to rest their eyes regularly.

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Use Screen Glasses (Blue Light Glasses)

Recent researches has shown that blue light that digital screens emit, can be detrimental for your eyes if we you're not protecting them. If you're experiencing Eye Strain & Dry Eyes, Disruption of Sleep Patterns, Headaches & migraines, Mental & Physical fatigue, blue light glasses might be the solution for you. So, consider investing in glasses or contact lenses designed specifically for digital screen work.

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Staring at digital screens is a common cause of eyestrain. When you're working in front of screen for a long time, try to blink often to refresh your eyes, take eye breaks, check the lighting and reduce glare, adjust your screen settings. We hope these tips are helpful for you! 

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