Top 5 Super Mario Products

Top 5 Super Mario Products

Are you ready to watch your bank balance drop down. It’s time to check out the 5 best Mario toys.

Last 2 years were really productive for Super Mario. 2021 was the year of 35th anniversary and with this event also came really nice new things. For all 35 years we have experienced fantastic games and adventures with Mario.

He came as a Italian plumber, and now it is a worldwide phenomenon. Who know in future there will also games for my Italian profesor Grandfather?

Here are our top purchases we love the most below!

Let's get started!

1. Super Mario Slippers

Mario slippers are one of the best product out there, and we are proud to have it on our store

They look really cute on the corner on the room. Everybody no matter the age will fall in love with these slippers.

 When someone sees them for the first time they will have no idea what it is. You'll receive many questions so get ready. 

2. Super Mario Socks

Super Mario have been with us now a long time. So the audience and people who love the products are really large in numbers.

 No matter what the product is when Super Mario is there it gets automatically 100 times more cute. This is a phenomenon that have happened also with these socks. They are really cute feel good on foot and are stretchy.

 But the thing that makes them much better is Super Mario. We have them on our store.

Super Mario Socks

3. LEGO Super Mario Adventures Mario Starter Course

These legos doesn't just bring the Mushrooms in the table in the classic form, but Super Mario have his facial expressions and have his own voice that he speaks back while recording.

It’s almost like Super Mario being alive there with you!


Super Mario Legos

4. Super Mario Nintendo Super Mario Kart 8 RC Racer

Mario kart is the best racing game out there... or maybe no! it is the greatest game… I’m just gonna come out and say it.

This Nintendo Super Mario Kart 8 will definitely bring all the adventure of the game on the room you're in. This game can be played from you no matter what is your age, and I dare you to resist it if you can.

Mario Kart is one for the greatest racing games of all time… no, it is the greatest game… I’m just gonna come out and say it.

Mario Kart 8

5. The Game Of Life: Super Mario

This game is listed in the end of list but it's not the most liked one. It brings a nintendo vibe in a classic game board.

 You can play as  Luigi, Mario, and Peach while you also pick a path through the Mushrooms Kingdom.




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