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Apple Peeler

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 Lightweight, Portable, and Efficient

Machine apple peelers are one of those little gadgets that once you’ve started using a good one, you will wonder how you’ve lived without it all your life.

Why not just use normal peelers? With a lot of apples, potatoes, and other fruits, roots, and veggies to prepare in the kitchen, you want a machine that is fast and efficient to help you save time for more interesting work. 

Since the blade is adjustable, it doesn’t cut too deep into the flesh as it peels. It works nicely on apples and pears of various sizes. 

While the machine doesn’t core or slice the fruit, it comes with a slicing and coring “device” to complete your apple prepping work. If you are to prepare more than a couple of apples at once, the combo will save a lot of your time!


  • Easy Wash: Wipe clean with a cloth and warm soapy water.
  • Time-Saving: Peels an apple in approximately 10 seconds.
  • The cutter rotates with the fruit peel, so the skin is thin and not waste a lot of flesh.
  • Safe, simple, and convenient to use: The sharp perfect stainless steel blade is with protection sleeve and it can peel apple-like fruits effortlessly.


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