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 The Coolest Lighters You've Ever Seen!

Light up in the coolest way possible at your next poker night by pulling out this deck of playing cards lighter.

Unlike a conventional lighter, this version is meant to look like the product it will most likely be used in conjunction with. Modeled after a cigarette, this light has a slender white cylinder body complete with a yellow tip that lifts to expose a small butane gas compartment.
The sleek design makes look like a believable cigarette despite its metal construction.

Thanks to the cigarette lighter's slender shape and replica size, it can be fitted inside a box of smokes to be kept easily accessible.
  • Unique - These cool lighters aren't something any of your friends have seen before! Uniquely designed to resemble a deck of playing cards, this lighter is one of a kind.
  • Versatile - Whether you're lighting a cigarette, a pilot light, or starting a dumpster fire, this lighter will add a little flame to your life where you need it!
  • Perfect Gift - Need an interesting gift for your, boyfriend, mom, or smoker friend? This unique lighter is sure to be a hit!