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Moisturizes, Protects, Deodorizes!

White Pearl Soap will detox your skin deep, and help it to be regenerated. By washing your skin with it you will feel immediately your skin softer. It will help you on removing scars, skin imperfections, also stretch marks, with all of this it is also known for removing blackhead problems with your face skin.


  • Gentle cleansing soap enriched with Glycerin and Germ Guards
  • Moisturizes and Deodorizes with a rich creamy lather
  • Sofwash White Pearl Soap 75gx4


A Gentle Cleansing Soap Enriched With Glycerine And Germ Guard That Moisturizes And Protect Skin. It Leaves Skin Feeling Soft And Smooth. Its Unique Lingering Fragrance Refreshes.